"Fast Travel" Pride Desk Flag

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The only way to describe this flag is the rush you get when you reach for your keys after the party....If your co-workers ask, just tell them this flag celebrates equitable access to transportation.

Violet - symbolizes wine and the inherently aristocratic nature of drunk driving

Green - nature, as drunk driving brings us closer to nature and rejects artificial pattern of movement imposed by modern civilization

Black - freedom and power one feels while driving drunk

Dark red - martyrdom in the face of social and governmental oppression against drunk drivers

This 6" X 4" desk flag is perfect for those looking to let their colors fly year round, but especially during pride month. Flag pole is all white and made of plastic to ensure durability. 

Please note, these are currently in production and are expected to be shipped mid/late June. While this is not a pre-order, due to the custom nature of the products and the longer lead times, cancellations and returns sadly cannot be accepted. Thank you.