About Me

When I first set out to start my own business, I wanted to create something that brought people together and encouraged quality conversation. Full Metal Humidors was the foundation, and I will still build and sell the toughest humidors on the market; however, it was too narrow for what I want to accomplish in this life.

I am a long time consumer of media that encourages individuality, accountability, discipline, mental and physical strength, freedom, wisdom, and having fun. Whether it be books, podcasts, or videos, the more I watch and follow the entities that put this information out into the world, the more I realize how unnoticed this corner of media goes. Whether it be due to people just not knowing, censorship, or pressure to not stray from the current paradigm, the urge for me to add to these voices led me to create The Full Metal-Cast. Even if I just get through and relate to one person, the effort will be worth it.

News media is designed to be inflammatory. It is designed to prey on your emotions and make you angry about something to keep you invested. I fully acknowledge that many of the topics I want to speak about (government, natural rights, guns, censorship, etc.) are very emotionally charged, and I also admit I get fired up talking about them, even if just to the void. With that in mind, I will try to also end every episode of the Full Metal-Cast on a fun/positive note. I do not want to capture your attention every second of every day. What you see online is not real. Even if you are consuming media that is positive, healthy, and truthful, it is harmful if you do not go forth and implement what you've heard/learned. That is why one of our our 4 pillars is Touch Grass and Go Gym.

I thank you for your support (and for reading this far). I am always open to receiving feedback, requests, questions, or comments. Please feel free to reach me on Instagram, Twitter, or by email (whatever you prefer). I look forward to where this journey takes us. Welcome to the Full Metal Family!


 - Mors Walker