Full Metal Humidor

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Here's what you need to know about the Full Metal Humidor:

  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Made from used US army 50 Cal. ammo cans and lined with Spanish Cedar, no two Full Metal Humidors are alike as the stenciling and wear shown by each will vary depending on their use in the field. 
  • Each Full Metal Humidor can hold up to about 50 cigars depending on their size.
  • The sealed lid (which is rated as waterproof) on each Full Metal Humidor ensures the humidity inside is kept exactly where you want it no matter the outside conditions. 
  • With their handle and durable exterior, you can take your cigars and smoking equipment anywhere. 
  • Each Full Metal Humidor is seasoned prior to being shipped. We do still recommend dropping in a humidifying source and a hygrometer of your own. 

Please note: there may be gaps where the wood in the ammo can does not meet. Don't worry! Your humidor will still function perfectly. These gaps occur as each ammo is different and our standard cuts do not always fit snugly.